What is Tiger Balm & how does it help?

What is Tiger Balm & how does it help?

Tiger Balm was originally made in China in the 1870’s and many people believe it’s a Thai product which is a normal mistake. Tiger Balm has served as an effective treatment for aches and pains since it was created.

Knowledge and research shows that approximately 80% of people that have used it once will re-use the product again and again.

Tiger balm Techniques for Muscle Aches in Upper Legs

What does Tiger Balm consist of?

Good question! Tiger Balm’s ingredients consist of Camphor and Menthol, Camphor is a mild pain reliever and Menthol is made from the extracts of mint oil or man made.

The combination of the two ingredients has been used to relieve minor muscle and joint pain for many years. The balm may also be rubbed into the chest area to sooth congestion and relieve a cough that can be caused by having the flu or a common cold.

Red and white are the two main types.

The white version of Tiger Balm is used to help to relieve tension headaches and the red version of the product was designed to help with muscular aches and pains.

Tiger Balm is a very powerful products and only a tiny amount is needed to make a difference.

I first encountered Tiger Balm sports massage in London when I was visiting and it is certainly an encounter I would enjoy time and time again.

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